Vehicle Brake Specialists in Chichester

To keep you safe on the road, your brakes should be inspected regularly. A simple inspection need not be expensive and can literally mean the difference between life and death on today’s busy roads. If you think your brake pads are getting a worn or the pads are sticking and starting to squeal, then don’t delay, let us inspect the vehicle for you to put your mind at rest. Faults picked up early are much easier to fix than those that are left to linger.

Once we have carried out a thorough inspection, if remedial work is required on your braking system, we will prepare a detailed quote of the work required and timescale to complete.

If you are using your car for short journeys, that is when brake wear is most likely to occur. The school run will wear your brakes much faster than longer motorway driving. Signs that you need to have your brakes checked are a squealing or grinding noise from the brakes when you slow down and also pulling off to one side when braking.

Our inspection includes the digital measurement of all the brake components that are subject to wear, such as the brake pads, drums, shoes and the discs. We have decades of experience at inspecting, fault finding and rectification of brake systems on all makes of car.

If you are looking for a car or light vehicle brake specialist in Chichester, contact VM Chichester today.

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