MOTs Arranged in Chichester

If you are looking for a local garage to arrange your MOT for you, then look no further, as VM Chichester has an enviable reputation for arranging MOTs and rectifying any faults that might be found during testing.

We will ensure your car gets back to you on time, with all the correct paperwork completed and with the record of this entered into the MOT central database. Although you will receive a new style certificate, you will no doubt be aware that only the MOT computer database record is evidence of a valid MOT.

It is important to realise that an MOT test certificate relates only to the condition of items that have to be tested on the day of the test and should not be regarded as evidence of their condition at any other time. Neither is it evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle or evidence that the vehicle fully complies with all aspects of the law.

If you would like us to check the condition of your vehicle prior to the MOT, we will be pleased to discuss that with you.

Last minute MOT due? We are happy to help if you are suddenly aware that an MOT is due or even overdue.

To arrange your MOT through VM Chichester, please contact us now.

To arrange your MOT in Chichester - call us now on 01243 788854