Clutch Repairs in Chichester

Some of the symptoms of a failing clutch include a change in the engine speed without noticeable acceleration or the height that you have to lift the clutch pedal before it engages may have changed. If you have either of these symptoms, then don’t delay as a clutch that has completely failed can be a costly thing to replace.

Clutch repair or replacement often involves the stripping down of engine and gearbox components and this specialist task is only carried out by mechanics skilled in the complexity of the task.

If you clutch does need repairing or replacing, we have decades of experience of repairing and replacing clutches and the feedback we have had from our clients has always remained positive.

It is important to us that every client who leaves our garage is completely satisfied in the work we have completed, which is why we offer fully guaranteed clutch repair and replacement service.

We have a loyal client base and since 1972, we have repaired more clutches than we can remember!

Contact us now if you are having problems with your clutch.

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