Air-Conditioning Servicing and Repairs

Servicing and a re-charge of air conditioning and climate control units should ideally be done at least every 2 years. The reason for this is that a typical car air-conditioning system can lose up to 20% of its refrigerant every year. It is easy to overlook this and the result can be an air-con unit that dries out leaving potential for damage to be done to the compressor. A useful tip is to use your air-con unit for around 10 minutes on full power each week and this will stop systems components from drying out and help reduce the risks of leaks.

You probably know that the air conditioning unit in your car does not form part of the MOT and it is very easy for it to be neglected. An air con unit that has dried out, can cause many problems within the system. Faults that can be prevented by regularly servicing.

Bring your vehicle to us at VM Chichester for a professional service of your air con unit and controls and we will check the air con components, electrics and the internal controls. We will safely remove all of the existing refrigerant from the system and then pressure test it for leaks. Once we are satisfied that the seals are working correctly, we will recharge the unit with gas. Following on from that, we do a post re-gas check of all the controls.

If you need your car air-con unit servicing, please contact us for a quote.

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